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Utter randomness
...don't say I didn't warn you.
You all need to do yourselves a favor and go see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. That movie is my new favorite in the series, and while they changed a few things from the book, it still works. I got to see it last night, and I laughed and cried so much. Ahhhh seriously, just go see it. Oh, I screamed, too. Haha.
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I've been making homemade bread with my parent's second-best bread machine. Good times. So, I go online to buy a 25 Lb bag of light rye flour from Bob's Red Mill (I rarely get to Milwaukee) and this is written at the bottom of my confirmation e-mail from UPS:

© 2009 United Parcel Service of America, Inc. UPS, the UPS brandmark, and
the color brown are trademarks of United Parcel Service of America, Inc. All rights reserved.

Really? Your company has trademarked the color brown? Wow. That's all... wow.

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I really want a snow day tomorrow, but S-K has informed all teachers that for every snow day we have, a day will be added on in June. WTF, mates? What happened to planning for inclement weather? This is Oregon, and in my 24 years, there has only been one or two years where there wasn't at least one snowfall big enough to cancel school.

The weather is not something we can control so I think it is unfair and very Grinch-ey to send out an e-mail to all staff that says "do not make any vacation plans for June because you are contracted to work up to a week later due to inclement weather."

On the bright side, I made my kitty go for a walk in the snow with me (she was on her leash/harness) and it was good times (for me, at least). She's a funny cat.

Hope everyone's well. Happy Holidays! Well, almost. :)

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This is amazing and I'm almost hyperventilating!!!


This is NOT the lame-o trailer they put out first with Dumbledore talking to Harry with a black screen. This one has footage!!!


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I saw Avenue Q in Portland last Saturday... it was amazingly fantastic. If you're a musical person (and not overly conservative-- it's explicit) I recommend checking out the soundtrack at least on iTunes...

the best songs include (but are not limited to):
-"The Internet is For Porn"
-"What do you do with a B.A. in English?"
-"Everyone's a Little Bit Racist"
Schadenfreude - my favorite!Collapse )
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NEW YORK, NY - A public school teacher was arrested today at John F. Kennedy International Airport as he attempted to board a flight while in possession of a ruler, a protractor, a set square, a slide rule, and a calculator.

At a morning press conference, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said he believes the man is a member of the notorious Al-gebra movement. He did not identify the man, who has been charged by the FBI with carrying weapons of math instruction.

"Al-gebra is a problem for us," Gonzales said. "They desire solutions by means and extremes, and sometimes go off on tangents in a search of absolute value. They use secret code names like 'x' and 'y' and refer to themselves as 'unknowns', but we have determined they belong to a common denominator of the axis of medieval with coordinates in every country. As the Greek philanderer Isosceles used to say, 'There are three sides to every triangle.'"

When asked to comment on the arrest, President Bush said, "If God had wanted us to have better weapons of math instruction, He would have given us more fingers and toes."
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Put what it says to in the google search!

1)Type in "[your name] needs" in the Google search:

"Susan needs all your love and money."

2)Type in "[your name] looks like" in Google search:

"Susan looks like she lost her virginity in a Camaro." (I seriously didn't make this up...)

3)Type in "[your name] likes" in Google search:

"Susan Likes Rats" (No! I think they're creepy!)

4)Type in "[your name] says" in Google search:

"Susan says 'Poverty Sucks'"

5)Type in "[your name] wants" in Google search:

"Susan wants to open Canada’s first ever brothel." This is a tie with the second search result-- "susan wants scotch." And yes, I want both of those things.

6)Type in "[your name] does" in Google search:

"Susan does not believe Lucy's story about finding a country in a wardrobe." (NARNIA!)

7)Type in "[your name] hates" in Google search:

"Susan Hates Jeans' Profile."

8)Type in "[your name] loves" in Google search:

"susan loves those 36 year olds" Oh, really?

9)Type in "[your name] has" in Google search:

"Susan has an intuitive ability to feel what animals experience..." Two words: Animal Psychic!

10)Type in "[your name] goes" in Google search:

"Susan goes ker-splat!" Awww, I hope not.
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It seems I have inadvertently volunteered to be the fifth Spice Girl singing "Spice Up Your Life" along with some other teachers (that I don't really know) in the talent show Friday. It's all good though, I already claimed Ginger Spice.

Luckily for the audience, we will be lip synching, not actually singing.

Oh well. I will take any excuse I can get to wear my vinyl pants. They don't get out too often these days...


In other news, anyone want to go see Sweeney Todd (musical, not movie) with me in April when it comes to Portland?

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... a few fun thoughts for the day:

1. There is a kid at my school whose name is Thankyou. I saw it on the in-school suspension list today and I looked up the kid to make sure it wasn't a typo! He's a pacific islander, and his first name is all one word: Thankyou. Maybe I'm culturally insensitive, maybe it's really a common name in his culture, but I had to laugh. I mean, seriously? The only worse name I've seen was a Hispanic kid in a McMinnville elementary school named Yoda. Luckily, he didn't look like Yoda.

2. My school got a bomb threat yesterday... yeah. Gave one of my kids a key to the bathroom across the hall (kept locked because it's constantly tagged with gang graffitti)and the poor kid came back to class trembling, with the following comment whispered timidly: "Ms. W... um... there's a bomb threat written in the bathroom....butIpromiseIdidn'tdoitI'mnotintroubleamI?" Poor kid. Apparantly they caught the kid, but it wasn't reassuring that it was written literally ten feet from my classroom.

3. I bought shiny new kitchen stuff. Went to a "Pampered Chef" event my co-worker was holding (dontcha just love pyramid schemes? You'd think people would learn that the company's the only true winner there) and I heart kitchen utensils/appliances/bakewear/anything used in the room... I could have spent so much but I was a good girl and only spent $40. I can't wait for it to get here! :o)

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Hey Portlanders! I need your excellent advice...

Where are some restaurants and bars/shows/locations in Portland that you would recommend for a semi-classy not-overly-girly bachelorette party?

I'm also trying to think of a hotel in Portland where 10-15 ladies can spend the night with only 2-3 rooms being paid for... any ideas there would be appreciated as well!

Please help!


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